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Hotel Giada

Categoría: Hospedaje, Restaurante
Tipo: Hostel, Hotel

The Hotel is located at just 200 meters from Samara Beach, in downtown Samara, one of the most charming beach communities in Guanacaste. We are a medium sized hotel, with friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting for you. Let us be the gateway for you to explore not just our beautiful beach, but other nearby highlights.

Environmental and social efforts


The Hotel Giada is the only Hotel in the area with the Sustainable Tourism Certification, level 3 of 5 in the categorization of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). In this process, the ICT evaluated the interaction between the company and the surrounding environment, interested in the implementation of policies and programs for its conservation, sustainability and protection. The aspects of waste management and recycling systems and the use of technologies to save water and electricity were evaluated. Last but not least, our company interacts with the local community through the generation of employment and the support of local development projects. The CST is an excellent tool to promote the sustainable development of the country and we are proud to be an active integral part of the process. It covers social, cultural and patrimonial aspects of the community. Our commitment is to reinforce our reputation as a destination for those who wish to preserve and enjoy our planet in a beautiful natural environment.

Datos de contacto

Teléfono: 2656-3232
Whatsapp: 8444-7979

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Hotel Giada